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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions: Crafting a Mutually Respectful Environment

Consider this Terms and Conditions section as a mutual agreement between us, DCM, and you, our valued customer. We are committed to providing you with top-notch information and services, and in return, we anticipate your adherence to our guidelines.

Navigating Your Journey with DCM: Service Access, Cancellations, and Financial Transactions

We strive to keep our services available to you at all times. However, we retain the right to withdraw or cancel services at our discretion. Financial transactions related to our services are subject to review and cancellation as per our internal policies.

Anticipating the Unforeseen: Liability Management

While we aim to offer flawless services, there could be unexpected errors in information or periods of website downtime. Please understand that we cannot accept liability for such incidents, but rest assured, we strive to rectify any issues promptly.

Respecting Creators: Copyright Rules

Our copyright rules necessitate proper attribution for any content or resources borrowed from our website. Any adaptations of our content, whether for commercial or non-commercial use, should be carried out only with our explicit permission.

Fostering a Positive Community: User Behavior Guidelines

We encourage open dialogue and interaction, but we have zero tolerance for unlawful behavior, hate speech, bullying, unsolicited promotions, or spam on our platforms. Users engaging in such behavior may face immediate account suspension or termination.

Guarding Your Space: Account Disablement

For the protection of our community, we reserve the right to disable user accounts when necessary. This could be in response to any breach of these terms and conditions or any activity that we perceive as harmful to our services or audience.

Crafting Our Relationship: Other Terms and Conditions

Additional terms and conditions may be introduced as and when necessary, for the protection of both you, our customer, and us, DCM. Your continued use of our services implies your agreement to these terms.

Remember, this space is crafted for mutual respect and growth. We look forward to an enriching journey together!