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Hi By Dr. Claire Muselman Hi, I’m Claire! Hello, radiant souls, and welcome to my blog. Great to meet..

Your Own Hype Squad

Your Own Hype Squad By Dr. Claire Muselman The Confidence Code: Becoming Your Own Hype SquadBy Dr. Claire MuselmanAre..

The Phoenix

The Phoenix By Dr. Claire Muselman I Am the Phoenix: Embracing Our Evolving SelvesAs we journey through life, our..

Public Speaking

Public Speaking By Dr. Claire Muselman Self-Aware: Discovering Ourselves Through Self-Assessments We have all been there, taking those intriguing self-assessments..


Grow By Dr. Claire Muselman Time to Sparkle: Embracing the Uncomfortable to Discover Your True Self  Life is a..

Weekend Email

Weekened Email By Dr. Claire Muselman Leave Weekends Alone: The Importance of Rest in a Healthy Work Culture The..

That’s Cute Sweetheart

That's Cute Sweetheart By Dr. Claire Muselman That's Cute, Sweetheart: Navigating and Challenging Gender Stereotypes in the WorkplaceIn the..

Self Sabotage

Self Sabotage By Dr. Claire Muselman Self-Sabotage: Understanding and Overcoming Self-Defeating Behaviors Procrastination, screen addiction, hitting snooze—sound familiar? These..